Currently, you can pay for your items by using online banking of these banks: (AB bankas „Swedbank“), SEB internetas (AB „SEB bankas“), Interneto linija (AB „DnB NORD bankas“), Solo Internet („Nordea Bank Lietuva“), Bankas internetu (AB bankas „Snoras“), Danske eBankas (Danske Bank A/S Lietuvos filialas / AB „Sampo bankas“), Eta bankas (AB „Ūkio bankas“), Citadele internet bankas (AB „Citadele bankas“), SB linija (AB „Šiaulių bankas“).

How to make a payment using online banking:

How to make a payment using online banking:

1.    Fill in the order and choose your bank when asked to choose your “Payment method”

2. will transfer you to the page of your bank and will report the price needed to pay.

3.    In the online bank page log in as usual and the system will have prepared the payment for your items, you only need to confirm.

4.    After confirming the payment, the page of online banking will close and you will be diverted back to Your online banking login information is only used when logging in to the bank’s website and not given to

In the online shop as in any popular online shops, you can pay by using PayPal.

PayPal is the most popular online payment system in the world and it belongs to It is been used in 190 countries by 100 million users. Shoppers can use this system for free, charges for transfer are paid by the receiving party. You don’t need to register with PayPal system to use this payment method.

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